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In the South GA, AL,.. we have a pretty bad drought. I believe big water makers should conceder this multi series RO water making option. For me it has paid for itself in water savings cost the first year. I use a lot of water. If I had to replace all my membranes it would have taken longer to recoup. (for now my membranes are still the original and are working good)

1. 80% Less water use

2. less prefilter changes = 80% less cost on pre filters and 80% less time changing cartage

3. less load on my septic system (not an issue for most but big issue for me)

1. You'll have to change membranes more often
(this is where me and D Rat disagree, I believe you'll loose about 30% of membrane life. D rat indicates (above) about 400% shorter life)

2. Higher up front cost
(and the Each membrane should have it's own bypass valve, for maintenance flushing, periodic fast flush of membranes)

Right now my RO has made over 18,000 gallons of water. ( for some/most that may equal 10-15 years of water for thier reef.

I'm pretty sure each one of my membrane is in fact getting a 4:1 flushing. I believe I've confirmed this in a couple of ways.

I believe my first membrane will have the same life as it would if it where the only membrane. The second " should have 20% less life than the first. And the third 20% less than the second.

the first last 5 years
the second should last 4 years
the third should last 3.2 years

My Tap TDS is in fact VERY LOW. About 50 TDS. D Rats Tap TDS is about 800-900 TDS. They say you can stucco a house with just a garden hose and Phoenix water.

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