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Leak! uestions on moving a refuge

I have a 5 gallon Acrylic Hang on refuge that has sprung a leak..
It's a slow leak so I have to time to plan how to move it..

I've picked out a new tub to use as the new fuge and plan to move everything to that this weekend.

The existing fuge has a 4" sand bend and thats the part I'm stuck on..

Should I move the sand bed or put a new bed in the replacement fuge and seed it from the old fuge?

Or go without any sand bed?

The existing fuge has loads of pods, bristle worms, some small live rocks, chato and feather caulerpa.. Ohh and a small army of Aiptasia.

I got the Aiptasia angle handled.. I fould a local reefer that breeds Berghia.. She's offered to trade me all the Aiptasia I can scrape from the fuge for a Berghia.. Food for her little friends.

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