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Originally posted by Fishbulb2
Is it possible to combine the system you use with a permeate pump to further reduce waste water when filling a pressurized storage tank? Or would the dual membranes each require their own pump ect?
I do not see why not just note that in the above configuration the pressure out of the waste on the second membrane will be about 10% lower than using a single membrane. There is another possibility that may not save waste or filters but can use a lower rejection membrane for drinking and a higher rejection for and DI for the reef.
Here is such a diagram. Many of the reservoirs and drinking lines will be optional of course but it will give you the idea.
M1 could be a nano filter 100 gpd or a 150 gpd HR membrane and M2 could be a 75 HR membrane.
The main advantage of this system is not filter or waste savings but you get a very fast recovery on the pressurized tanks even when you are producing water for your reef which becomes a real nuisance not to have drinking water when there is production for the reef.
It will also be recommended to use a booster pump if your income water is below 70 psi which most of us suffer from.

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