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Originally posted by Icefire
Cheap? how can an aquarium be cheap, Glass is glass, neither are Low iron, one is thicker, but both could last as long.

I don't see the reason to pay 54% more to get a slightly safer tank that will weight more.
I think he meant cheaply made, IE lower quality glass,Weaker Seams Etc. Personally If you can afford the better quality tank i would get it, here is why.

Say for example you buy the cheaper tank, Spend Hundreds on Equipment maybe even thousands, And then Hundreds or thousands on livestock Tank looks great fish are happy then BOOM one day you leave for work and come home and the seams have blown out all your water is on the floor and all your fish are dead, and your Equipment is ruined, and it all could have been prevented if you had spend a couple hundred bucks more on a quality tank! As My Grandma Always Said it is better to Error on the side of caution AND Better Safe than sorry! Me for example my choice was in Stands, i could have Bought a wafer board stand from Wal Mart Cheap Instead i Chose to spend the time building my own stand what i ended up with is a stand that will hold around 5000lbs Compared to a Prefab that has a max Weight of 550lbs OVERKILL is a good thing!
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