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Originally posted by Crush Coral
About your Christmas tree rock. Can you tell me if the porites extend out of the rock or does it look smoth? Mine was "fuzzy" when I first got it and now the polyps do not come out. I don't think it is happy and am trying to figure out why. Any info you can give me on yours and what you do to keep the porites healthy would be appreciated.
My polyps come out mostly at night but are out on occasion in the day. My porites are brown and are textured but the new growth is green on the tips then goes brown. I have mine on the bottom of my 125 gallon in the front. My lights are HO T-5's with individual reflectors but I have 2 blue actinics in the front 2 slots. It gets medium flow and is doing awesome. Here is another pic. Any more questions, just ask. Only half my trees are out in this pic.