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3/4" vinyl tube-
3/4"x 3/4" male threaded hose barb-
3/4" female adapter-
3/4" rigid pipe-
union ballvalve-
3/4" rigid pipe-
3/4" bulkhead.

all the unions will be true unions, and not thoes bullstuff slip unions.
the drain start with a durso stand pipe-
1" blukhead-
1" rigid pipe-
union ball valve-
1" rigid pipe-
filter sock-
somewhere inbetween the union ball valve and the filter sock, there might be a 45* elbow or two?
as far as the sump goes, im not sure of anythnig except that there will be a 3 baffle bubble trap, and that it will be a10g tank. i probably wont add the ATO for a long time after the system is running. thats gonna be a whole new project of its own!