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Originally posted by melev
I don't trust nor use check valves, because invariably the day you need it, it won't work.

The plumbing looks good to me.

I'd rather see 1" plumbing from the Mag 7 all the way to the SCWD, which I would put right behind the tank rather than under it.

Mag pumps do sometimes leak externally. You could probably silicone the coverplate to avoid that, or just use an Eheim instead. With the Eheim, you could go back to 3/4" plumbing again.

I don't think you'll need a ballvalve under the drain line.
do you think that 1" pipe up the the SCWD will help increase the efficiancy of the output?
why would you put the SCWD behind the tank?
and your probably right about not needing the valve on the drain, but if im going to add a union there, i might as well make it a union valve. that shouldnt hurt anythnig right?