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Originally posted by melev
Correct, a union there would be far more useful.

1" provides more flow from that pump, and the SCWD can handle it. Water going in will be cut back by 20% before it comes out. I know you are only talking about 24" of plumbing before the SCWD, but it will help.

I was suggesting putting it behind the tank so you have as straight a shot as possible to the SCWD and shorter return lines into the tank.
yes, thats whats in the drawing, a union ball valve.

im coming into the tank with my returns, straight through the bottom of the tank. its pretty much a straight vertical shot from the pump, to the SCWD, to the bulkheads into the tank. i have approximatley 30" of vertical head, with no horizantal runs at all. the SCWD wil be hanging mid-air by plumbing, just above the pump.

so how much flow (gph) would you approximate i would have with 30" of head, a check valve, the scwd? and 3 ball valves, using the mag7? (700 gph i think?)