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ok MARC, im a little confused here. im trying to minimize the amount of adapters and bushings im using, and all the plumbing schemes im coming up with utilize more than seems neccasary...
should i be using 1" pipe from the sump outlet, through the pump, and right up to the bottom of the SCWD?

OK, so do they make a 3/4"fpt x 1" slip adapter fitting? if not i have to use a 3/4" female adapter w/ a 3/4"x1" bushing... i dont wanna do that.
also, is it ok to run 1" rigid pipe from the pump to the SCWD, and just before the SCWD, use a 1"x3/4" reducer bushing, with a 3/4" hose barb to attach the vinyl tubing to the SCWD?
im not sure how to go about this?