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I think you could make it a beautiful species tank. It could be all the various acans, or a suncoral tank! or a seahorse tank, or a ricordia tank with zoanthids.

On the plumbing, it is tough because of the SCWD. There are some SCWD mod threads where you alter it to accept PVC connections, which would be ideal. If anything, make all three arms unions, so you can just connect plumbing to those and still be able to remove it when necessary.

The Mag 7, at 30" head with 1" plumbing would be 525gph as it entered the SCWD. You would get 420gph out of each side as the gear rotate, switching back and forth every 7 - 8 seconds.

You may lose a little more flow due to resistance of any ballvalves. Definitely skip the check valve.

For angling your returns, Paul at Oceans Motions has OmniFlex nozzles that take very few lobes to make the turns we use locline for.
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