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Originally posted by melev
I didn't say they were cheap.

Then again, you are doing a lot of this yourself, PLUS you moved from California just so you'd have more spending money. Spend it on your freakin' tank.
both are true, and you have quite the memory i must say. at this point i had almost forgotten why i came to this great state!
as a matter of fact, the mortgage on my 3 bedroom house is less than the rent on my last 2 bedroom apt in cali. and i make more money at my new job. its the 2new trucks i just bought that make me pay very close attention to my finances! that black s10 is one day going to be my project truck. $3500.oo says i get air ride suspention with 2 air tanks, 2 compressors, 1 nitrogen tank, and a 10 switch controll. another 2000.oo or so says i get a "c" notch in the trucks rear end frame, so i can lay the body of the truck flat on the street.
thats a whole different story tho. the fish tank comes first!
you know what marc, i might not have said it before, but thatnk you for taking the time to respond to my little thread here. if you didnt notice, nobody else is paying attention... so thanks for your support.