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Question Any experience with Peppermint Hogfish?

Wondering if anyone out there has had any experience with Peppermint Hogfish / Masudai Hogfish (Bodianus sp.) in their reef. I have a 90 gallon reef with no shrimp, and mostly peaceful fish:
2 Percula Clowns - 2in.
1 Leopard Wrasse - 3in.
1 Possum Wrasse - 2in.
1 Potters Angel - 2in.
1 BlueSpot Jawfish - 3in.
1 Pajama Cardinal - 2 in.
1 Copperband Butterfly - 3in.
1 Blue Linka Starfish
Lots of diferent LPS corals

Anyone see any problems or have any suggestions? A LFS can get me one for a reasonable price. I was originally looking at a swissguard basslett but based upon more research it seemed I might not have seen it in the tank enough.

The Peppermint Hogfish seems like it will be more viewable / enjoyable. Any comments / thoughts?