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Question RDSB an nano?

Hey guys... Wondering if a RDSB is a bit overkill for my 10g.

Current set-up:
-about 13lbs LR
-2 660's on each side
-96wat CoraLife PC quad-bulb light
-mod'd AC70 fuge (I've got an AC50 propeller and pump, lamp, and big ol ball of chaeto)

What I'm thinking:
I don't have a sump, just a tank stand. But I was thinking of using the old AC50, cutting a hole in the bottom, and using that as a prefilter/intake for the RDSB. Just a tube running down, and into the stand with about a 5g bucket for the RDSB, and then plumbing it back up to the main tank, and have it dispersed with a splash bar (already have more then enough water flow in the tank).

But... Is it really worth it? I do a 2g water change every sat. And that usually exports most of my nitrites/nitrates. And if it is worth it. Return pump. I never know how much to use. Probably get something on there to control the return, but still... Don't want to WAY over power it, but even worse, is that I don't want to get a pump that is too underpowered....

Thanks in advance guys!! =]