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For those are confused with Jager heater. I had the same question and got an answer from

This is the exact reply that I got from them.
On the Ebo Heaters, they were fully submersible when it was Ebo Brand,
when Eheim bought them, they had to change the listing to get a USA UL
approval. It's the exact same heater that has been sold for 10 years in
USA though. So you can fully submerse it, but if you do not feel
comfortable with it, it's no problem at all returning it. Just let me

Also, here is a blurp I got from Eheim about these heaters.
JAGER heaters are fully submersible according to European standards.
However since the production of JAGER heaters was moved to Germany when
EHEIM acquired the company, a new UL certificate must be issued for the
"New" company. This new certificate must be issued to comply with the
North American standards, until then the heater must be labeled as not
submersible in North America. Please note that all JAGER heaters comply
with ETL standards, which is the European Equivalent of the UL