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4-inch yellow tang disappread and found!!

Last Saturday, this vibrant 4-inch 2-year old yellow tang of mine was swimming happily.

Then Saturday night (I sleep in the living room coz it's cooler - climate wise - than upstairs), I heard the irritating clickity-snap of this nuisance mantis shrimp that I have yet to find. It is irritating and loud.

Sunday, no yellow tang. I said, "well come feeding time tomorrow, the fish should show up"

Monday, feeding time, no yellow tang. Tuesday, I called in sick just to find out where the heck the tang was. Wednesday, finally, I found evidence... this:

Rest in peace...

Anyone can help me lure a mantis shrimp out in the open. I have quite a tightly set rock work with corals. I do not want to have to tear it down to look for a darn mantis.

I hate mantis...sorry for mantis lovers...I don't mean any disrespect. It's just that I had that tang for two years as a companion of some sort, if you may. So it's like losing someone important and what not.