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Originally posted by tylorarm
I think it'll look better once it's covered with corals. One underlying principle is that no rock rests on any other rock. Thus, i can pull any rock out without affecting the structure. With all the trouble i've had with fireworms, bubble algae, nasty crabs I like this concept. Also, the structure is hollow. I have one closed loop in each blowing straight up from the CL boxes to keep crap from settling on the rock and i can also blow out the inner structure with a MJ and hose. No sand gets past the PVC bottom pipes so easy to keep clean. More function than beauty i suppose.
That's a great concept. To expand on it, if you look down the top of the aquarium, try not to have any rock covering any other. This keeps all rock exposed to the light and greatly increase the potential mounting spots for corals. It also generally insures an open aquascape, but it's best attribute is lots of extra real estate for corals.
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