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Originally posted by pnosko
Again, speak for yourself. I don't agree, and know many others that don't either. But, I have heard my sister say about her dog when discussing how far to go with medical care "Well, he's just a dog." So I understand your point, but don't expect universal agreement.
I do not really expect universal agreement but in the world we live today, pets are considered to be property. No human I know of is considered to be property. This case is very sad indeed, and if they did have kids I am sure his kids will be outraged. I had a great uncle who I did not know but have heard stories over and over. He was a WW1 veteran and had horrible things done to him while he was in the war ( I think this caused his mental break down and so does everyone else in the family) and when he came home he lead a normal life until my great aunt had a severe stroke which left her with basically no memory but people could still hold a conversation with her but its just that she would forget about that conversation 5 minutes later. Well my great uncle could not put up with her any longer and decided to kill her and kill himself. Everyone in the our family resents my great uncle for doing that and call it selfish. He was not right in the head for a lot of reasons but the majority of our family blame it on the war.

A human life to me and millions of others is far more precious than a dog, cat, etc, etc. This subject really just hit close to me.
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