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Originally posted by pnosko
Well, while I find the act of taking a human life in all but a few circumstances unthinkable, I will freely admit that if I had to chose between saving the life of one of my cats and some humans I know, it would be my cat that would live. And while I am very protective of them, I don't think of them at all as property.

I don't value human life over all other on this planet. Humanity has shown too much disregard for other life-- human or not on this planet to deserve such favoritism.
Well your pets are considered to be property. My cousin got a full taste of that when her cat became ill because of all the recalls on the pet foods a little while back. She did not have a leg to stand on, because of the fact her cat was considered to be property.

Yes there are some people out there that are horrible and all, but when it comes down to it we are not supposed to treat them like dogs.
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