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January Reef Club Meeting

January Meeting Agenda

First, my apologies go out for this getting out late. January meeting will be this Friday, the 11th, at 7pm at Round Table Pizza. The middle room is reserved for us again. So below is the general agenda I’ve come up with:

Approve Agenda
Welcome any new people, introduce officers
Open floor for any recent hobby activity or news
(Limit 2 min each: sum up, be brief, and provide helpful information)
Generator, Inverters, Etc: What worked – What did not
Discuss upcoming events BAR/MARS Frag Swap, MARS - MARCH 1st
Plans for our local frag swap
Discuss Corp forming and non-profit status for the club - DAN
Discuss membership status - MELISSA site
Library book Request
Group Buys? – MARS – RO/DI unit
Plumbing Talk- CHRIS
Misc. Discuss – items to sell, trade or otherwise.
Raffle – First time visit open to everyone
Next meeting - Feb 9, 2007
Tank of the Month – February – Anyone?
Tank of the Month – January
Travel to TOTM House

Please feel free to comment on agenda suggestion. Thanks and I look forward to seeing everyone there.

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