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I'm going to go out on a limb and ask for speaker requests...

I know we are no where near ready for that. We don't have a screen, projector, or laptop with powerpoint. Further, a microphone or speaker/amp system. But if we can find a sugar momma or daddy that can help us out with borrowing said items, that would really hook us up (just don't leave us hanging the day of). Though one speaker would probably clean out our entire membership funding.

But I'm dreaming big!!!

It might actually be cheaper to rent vans and carpool to the MARS meetings. Who actually has 3.5 extra hours to waste - no no... spend valuble and irreplacealbe time with your fellow Chico Reefer's on a Friday night. Oh and we'd have to leave by 5:15pm. Can you do it?

I hear that Sanjay is slated for the MARS meeting in February - the MH light testing guru as well as a dedicated reefer.
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