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Hey Matt,

Great input! Thanks for offering the contribution of the needed speaker requirements. Yeah, I think getting a projector may not be too hard. Maybe we can get Round Table to pony up and get one! I suppose we should address that our meetings will be upgrading for such needs first to see if they will allow and supply power.

Thing is with having the MARS speakers come up here... MARS meets the third Friday of the month. We meet the second Saturday. We'd have to shift our meeting date so we can coordinate the speaker and not pay for a week of hotel/loss of income.

Right now I don't know of any of the Chico members who attend the MARS meetings except the rare occasion when I go. But I think I didn't make it to any for 2007 except their Garage Sale Event in August. When I go, I'd be happy to take people down if I have room. My pick-up truck isn't comfortable for that long of a trip in the back jumpseats and usually have my daugther with me in her car seat. Usually my wife works friday night. If I could swap cars with her (and her car is easily cleaned) - I'd be happy to take two people down to the MARS meeting (help with gas costs appreciated). We should meet to leave as close to 5pm as possible - can grab food on the way or wait until we get to Round Table in Folsom. Meeting starts at 7pm and goes roughly to about 9-9:30 depending on the Raffle's # of items. That leaves us getting back to Chico at around 11-11:30pm.

As it stands right now I'm leaning towards attending the Feb MARS meeting to see Sanjay. BTW, their raffles are pretty awesome. Their Christmas meeting this past Dec was pretty impressive too from what I hear and that reminds me, the last one I went to - MARS Dec 2006.

PM me if interested.

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