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Help With New Pump Purchase

I am going to buy a new return and closed loop pump.I would like to know what pumps are good and what pumps are bad ?

Can I buy the same type for my return and closed loop or should they be a different type.

I thought the Mag Drive was the way to go but I have seen a few post here that say they are nosiy and run hot ?

Last but not least I am on a budget and would like to keep the cost down but want a releiable pump in other words if I don't need a Dart then I don't want to buy one but will if that is the right pump.

Does anyone have the number to Reef Keepers Anonymous!

AM- 0
Rite- 0
Rate- 0
Phos- 0
PH- 8.0
SG- 1.026
Cal- 420
KH- 8.0 dKH
Alk- 2.51 meg/L
Mag- 1350