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Relax, guys, nobody is figthing with you
Each of us stands by own statement, and prefers to believe own eyes, that another one's words (I'm not picking fight).

The chili is my first coral, and we (this coral and I ) are in the hobby since Febr 2006 - definitely beginners.
Still trying to find experts, doing better and willing to share their experience, tricks and observations (how to, not "do not"). If I'm mistaken - be good, share your experience with community! Every interesting detail counts.

Mushrooms for beginners (still do not picking fight, just illustrating from my beginners experience): they are one of not easy corals for me. A lot of them melted at arrival, even with proper acclimation, and in the tank with normal parameters, where other corals were doing perfectly well.
Green hairy - melted, only one left, and even this - after moving to another tank. Red - do not grow much, and fully open only in high light. And I counted on them, as on lowest light corals!

LPS were much easier for me - they restored from badly damaged conditions, with trachyphillia being the only exception. Would I accept the word of other about "beginners, graduating to LPS". Would, but cautiously
BTW, sps are the easiest so far, only the same wattage MH adds coloration.
From beginners point of view I would name them the beginners corals Seriously.

Still do not picking the fight
Back to the chili coral: the big one looks really good in the no light tank, even in the daytime, if this is basement or darker northern room:

Pardon the mess.
The oldest one - vertical one, on the left:

Word of caution: do not mount it upside down, at least not in family or living room. You know, what I'm talking about - it was stressful, and the best way to break desire to keep chilis.

BTW, yesterday checked the web again for a chili - some are keeping it on twice a week target feedings, on a couple of guys cleaned the settled detritus by new toothbrush - it helped to stop hibernation.

Best of luck for all of us!