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Lancer, I'll get a pic of the 2nd gorg open, those are right when I brought it home and was frantically trying to find out any info. I was told on another forum that they were the same but the first one has polyps easily twice the size of the other so I don't know.

Supernerd, the first two pics are one I've had for a while and the last two are the newer one. At the pet store they had it sitting with the top part out of the water for who knows how long. When I noticed it I submerged it again and then checked it out closer and took it home, they don't know squat about sw, I set up their tank and it stood no chance in there, way too new and still had some algea then.
I ended up fragging a ton of it and having to throw some out due to lack of space. I learned how to frag gorgs really quick with some internet searching and snipped off a couple ends that were too tall, they have regrown flesh over fragged areas.
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