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To who exactly? I'm the only person in my town of 6,000 I know of who does saltwater with the exception of the tank at the pet store that I set up and maintain. Nearest hobbyist to me is a couple hours away and nearest with a tank with high lighting and flow is three hours and overtaken with algea at the moment. I hated throwing any out but was not prepared to take this at all. Now if I can just convince the pet store to not order anything without first consulting me, they already have a mandarin the supplier told them ate algea! Lovely, huh?
Hopefully it can hang on long enough for my new tank to be up and running past the algea blooms, that seems to be a big killer in these from what I've read. How do you tell if they are doing well? Hope they keep opening? What should I be feeding? Right now I have some dts phyto and oyster eggs, other than that I've been stirring up the sandbed (shallow, I keep it stirred as the tank gets moved frequently) and the tank hoping for some natural food, that was suggested to me, not sure if it helps or not.
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