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For some reason, any time I've added pulsating xenia, kenya, colt, or toadstools to my tank, they've melted away within a few days. I have no problems at all keeping rics, various shrooms, gsp, zoas, sea mats, button polyps, pagoda cup, sun coral, candy cane. The tank is a 55g with 2 175w mh's and 80w of normal output actinics. Parameters are:
Temp: 76-80
SG: 1.025
Ph: 8.2-8.3
Alk: 9 dkh
Cal: 460
Amm: 0
Nitrite: 0
Nitrate: 0-5
Phos: (Test kit is not readable, but there is hair algae in the tank. Cheato is being grown as well as the recent addition of phosban)

Any ideas?