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Talking Testimonials to ReefKeeping's knowlege

I just wanted to relate to the readers of this forum how "right-on" the advice I have gotten from reefkeeping magazine really is.
I read reefkeeping quite often and although many of the scientific articles escape me/bore me I have found it to be the absolute best source of info, and 100% reliable. Recently I read an article about "how to catch fish". The name of the article escapes me but in summation the author had gone to an aquantances house who had a clown fish he wanted to remove from his reef. The clown owner had tried a few things and didn't want to redo the entire reef just to get at this clown (we've all been there). The author of the article (bravely) proclaimed that he would have the fish out by the end of the weekend. Sure enough, utilizing a little trickery the fish was netted and all went well. The "magic spell" was that he turned out the lights, and while the fish was disoriented he captured him.
Coincidentally I recently got a black percula and a green bta. I placed these guys in a tank where I had my oldest fish... a huge dominoe damsel. the dom is very aggressive and surprisingly left the clown alone but would nip at the anemonie to steal food from. The anemonie wasn't liking it. I was in shock... this dom had no fear of the anemonie. He would darn near get inside the thing and steal food - aggressively ripping it from the anemonie. B4 anyone asks - yes I feed them all very well. Well, my wife insisted that I get the pair and move them to my other tank... I knew the anemonie would be easy but the clown? So, I chased him around the tank a bit and was about to give up as I didn't want to stress him too much... then it dawned on me. "I'll give it one shot... if I can't get him immediately with the light turned out I will give up", I thought. First try. Done. Netted with ease. YOU GUYS ARE BRILLIANT! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU
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