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I've moved my tank and fuge 5 times in 6 years. the last move was 1200 miles and 3 days driving. could say i've has some practice

i put all rock, corals and fish into rubbermaid totes. i like the regular ones with a flat lids, they are stiffer (don't bow out with the weight) than the grey ones with blue lids. everything is under water. i move the tank with the sandbed intact and just about an inch of water covering it. i use battery operated airstones for longer trips but you're probably just fine if you put powerheads and heaters in each bucket when you get to your destination. You'll be amazed at how long it will take you to get the rockwork set up the way you want it.

if everything is under water, there should be no die-off for such a short trip. just remember to have plenty of new s.w. on hand before you make the move- you'll be surprised at how much you use, especially when you see how grungy the water gets when you start moving rocks.

good luck

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