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Originally posted by supernareg
and u know less about their area of study than they do.

u have lots of experience in aquariums, almost 10 years. i have 2 years, not as much as you.... so in that sense u know more than me... but lemmie give u a few chemistry / phsycs problems / equations or medical shtuff and u'll be stuck. thats my area and urs is probation.

point is that having a BS / BA is not considered "a lot of credentials"
I never said that a BA or BS was alot of credentials. I know because I don't think my BA is enough. What I am saying is that the average advanced aquarist tends to know more about aquariums than the average marine scientist. Although I do agree with Steve that the Job title is misleading.

Don't be so sure that I would be stuck on the chemistry, although with the physics I would definitly be a little rusty. As for the medical "shtuff," I would just tell you to rub some dirt on it and walk it off. I just guess that's the athlete.
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