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OK I asked Garry a question about doing my weekly water changes and about anticaking chemicals. Here is his response.


When you do a10% or 15% weekly partial water change and youíre using a sea salt that is not depleted in one or more of the following: magnesium, ph, alkalinity or calcium, the levels will be more stable. Itís like giving your tank a weekly vitamin shot.

Calcium is separated from the rest of the salt mix so that you will never get precipitation of solids or cloudiness of your water.

Age a batch of your sea salt mix for 24 to 48 hours and test for magnesium, dKH, pH, calcium and boron to see which one or more is depleted, then take a new batch of dry form of your salt mix that you use and bring up your depleted levels, then add to your filtered water and you be the judge.

When testing Saltwater Correct Sea Salt, test it with out the calcium and then add calcium very slowly and mix for 24 hours so the calcium can interact with the rest of the mix and the reading will correlate with package label.

The word organic is to say that we do not use any EDTA or YPS or any other kind of anti-caking agents are used in the salt mix.


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