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need info on Watanabe Angelfish

I will get this pair of Watanabe Angelfish tomorrow so if any one have any experience with this fish please input here.
my question
1 Is Watanabe Angelfish be ok with coral beauth, flasher wrasse, blue tang, sailfin tang?
(blue tang and sailfin will be move to new home 300g tank with in 3 month)
2 Is 30g quarinteen tank is good enough for this fish?
3 should they be ok in 60g tank for now? around 3 months

Right now I have 60g tank with 30g sump, blue tang and sailfin tang is around 3" now
300g tank will be done with in 3 months
I really want this fish I know it hard to find and pretty pricy but I got a good deal for the pair that why I don't want to pass on this deal. I know I should wait for the new tank to be finish first, but I really want them.

thank you...... sorry for bad gramma and spellling