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RBU1, please don't be offended. I always say, use the salt mix that makes your tank look good. If your tank looks good, it probably is good.

Last time I checked, this is America. If you choose to use this salt mix, go for it.

It is difficult for us to encourage the use of a salt product we have never test or used or heard of. That and the fact that his (or her) marketing statements leave a little to be desired tend to make this a questionable product.

There are so many other chemicals in synthetic salt mixes, besides the big three, that one has no way of knowing what it may be deficient in.

Thats why Randy uses IO. It works for him.

And no, I don't think he is affiliated with any salt manufacturer. If you've been around this forum long enough, you would know he probably could take that as an insult.

You've made your pitch.......... lets move on.