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Originally posted by fatrip
can't wait to see the coral as a whole. DOF is Depth of Field, not sure if you know what it means but if you dont, it means what is in focus and how far back things are in focus. it is cool becsue you got the front in focus...the little bumps, and then the is a line where the coral goes back under it self that isnt in focus and then some of the tenticals and flesh under the tenticals are in focus. that is why i said it looks so neat. by the way what camera and lense are you using?? thanks
here it is. it was hard to get a really good pic due to the angle it's placed at, but you get the idea. the pic was taken on the right back-side (out of view) which is the side of my tank. that's some serious close up of those tenticles. whew.

hey thanks for the explanation, had no idea what it was until now. i really agree with everyone, the more i check it out the better it gets. so, i have to give all the credit to the camera really - it does all the work. it's a Canon Digital Rebel XT SLR and the macro is Canon ef 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM (whatever all that means), oh forgot to add Ultrasonic too. okay still more confusing. as you can see i know nothing. lol. haha.