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My next major post was...

So, it's been 13 days since live rock was added. Readings have been great since day four. The rock was pretty much cured when we got it; it had been at the LFS for quite sometime soaking before we brought it home.

On day six we added four Snails and 4 hermits. (2 Margarita Snails, 3 Tiny Blue leg Hermits, 1 Orange leg Hermit and 2 Banded Trochus Snails).

We let them do their thing for a bit.

Three days later we added 12 Snails and 1 Shrimp. (8 Nassarius Snails, 4 Cerith Snails and a Cleaner Shrimp). We also added a nice amount of cheato to the fuge.

Finally we just added two small tank bred clowns.

The water flow seemed way too much for the clowns at first, I don't think they ever really had a lot of (direct) water flow before they came into this tank. This tank is by no means a monster but I think the flow is pretty darn good for these two little fellas. We experimented with the angle of the maxi-jet output and found a nice angle at which they can thrive. They don't look like they are going to have heart attacks all the time now. But I did turn off the MJ last night to give them time to rest. I might do this for a few nights until they get accustomed to the flow.

Our cleaner shrimp has taken over the “cave” we have, he hangs upside down in there almost all day long, coming out to meet the snails and hermits as they pass by.

We’ve been feeding them with brine shrimp (I know it’s crappy, the LFS was out of mysis and this is small for the clowns until they can eat mysis easier) and a little bit of formula one flake, both soaked in a drop of “Kent Garlic Xtreme”. The coolest part is watching the Nassarius snails come out of the sand as soon as the food goes in. We turn off all the water flow for the 2-3minutes of feeding. We feed from a syringe.

I think our Orange Leg Hermit lost his pincher/claw. There’s one sitting on the sand bed. I’ve seen the hermit out and about, maybe he’s molting or something.

Our temp has been fairly stable at 78(ish) Adding a PC fan blowing over the water helped keep it stable. We picked up a new Jager heater, it’s been working perfect for the last couple days.

Water has been nice and clear for the most part. Just gets dirty when we change flow/move rock.

We found a hitchhiker. A crab, he reached out and crabbed one of our snails shells and tried to thrash him around a little bit. I pulled out his rock and squirted some fresh water on him to get him out. He’s currently sitting in a 1g tank with a piece of live rock, a tiny bit of sand… a heater and some water flow until our next trip to the LFS. Apparently he’s reef-safe but after we saw him do that we figure it’s better to let him go back to the store.

We still need to finish the stand, I need to build a hood.

Here’s some hitchhikers we’ve had.

Bi-Valve Clam or something.

Worm (Video)


Oh, I also found a nice little free program for keeping track of your tank readings, maintenance, etc. It's called "AquaLog".

I would like to add a Royal Gramma or a Goby of somesort, but I'll have to wait a couple weeks and make sure the bio load is ok.

And for the new FTS. Sorry, these pics are kinda crappy.