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Well...I did it, huge Frogspawn no more. I went fragging. Hope I don't regret it

I attempted to do some long overdue fragging on my large Frogspawn that has been in my tank for over 5 years. It was growing into the front glass with polyps smashed against it, detritus was collecting deep in its branches and just plain overgrowing the tank and not extending as well as it once did. My original plan was to break it into a couple of large pieces keeping it relatively intact. It was so fused to the rock structure that it just shattered into multiple pieces so I just kept going. I now have about 30 pieces ranging from 3-5 heads each. Of course it looks horrible to me now but I will probably try to epoxy some nice sizes together and trade in the rest to the LFS etc. Here is a pic from a while back...

Imagine a bomb went off on the left side. That is how it looks now...

Hope I did the right thing Looking for some reassurance
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