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Originally posted by bill37
Reefshawdow, sounds like my situation. lol I went from my 55 to a 90 because it had the same footprint. My wife would be a little perturbed if I went bigger , especially if I did it before she gets her china hutch!!! What is it with women and their china hutches. We never even use the damn china!!!

My wife has an antiqe chinna hutch that belonged to my great great(yes greatx2) grandmother and it was extravagant for it china in it whatsoever unless you count porcilen and china dolls as china.....every time i buy a new tank i have to buy her a new doll cabinet. every time i buy tank equipment i have to buy her a neww collectors doll and it is getting hard to find one she dosent have that is not going to cost me next years wages to buy