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Yeah...go with as large as you can affford...unfortunately, I've been struggling for the last two and half years to simply afford the 55 gallon aquarium that was given to me. I kind of wish it was a 75 or a 90, but it will be a good start for now. One of the best two tanks I've ever seen was actually a beautifully set up 75...and it didn't even have a sump on it...the guy was dripping kalk and had a fluval with a hangonback protein skimmer...I was amazed at the quality of the tank with what he was running. Of course the other most beautiful tank I've seen was a 225. I see myself eventually with a 75 or 90 with nice corals and inverts, and then eventually a 225 with a Lionfish I've wanted since I was about 5 years old as the centerpiece and a few other larger fish that I've really grown to like but can't fit in my present 55 (snowflake moray, Majestic Angel, Sailfin Tang etc. etc.). Someday.....probably in the next house we own....when I can set that 225 into a wall and have the "tank room" in behind it......