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Why is it so hard to post picks on this forum?

I use a few other forums, non are as hard as RC to get picks up?

I never had to register to a third party resizing company?

Any way I did and resized my picks( very lame in my opinion, Now I need to save two files of each pick, one in standard format and one resized for RC )

I still cant up load picks?

Is there an on line guide to posting picks on RC?

I guess it's just me,but I have read some other posts about folks who are in the same boat as me?

Fishies.. 2 perc. clowns @ 1.5", cromis 1 @ 1", PJ cardinal 2 @ 1.5", Blue hippo tang 1@ 1.5", Star goby 1 @ 2.5", Yellow watchmen goby 1 @ 1.5", Fire fish 1 @ 2.5" Inverts. CB large, Cleaner shrimp 1 @ 2.5", Peppermint shrimp 5 @ 1" to 2", Naz snails 10, A few large snails