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clown stuck in overflow!

I have a young pair of clowns in a 125g. They have been in there probably 5 months along with a heirem of maldive anthias. A couple days ago I added more rock and relandscaped the tank. The stress must have flipped the fish out. It was in my overflow for a day and half. I couldn't get it with a net or anything else I tried.

I ended up siphoning her out! I am still laughing at myself. I had 6" of 1"ID vinyl tubing. I pushed 3/4"ID vinyl tubing into the 1". I worked the 1" into bottom of overflow and distracted her with net in top of water to chase her down. I sucked her up and she got stuck in tubing where the 3/4" started! I quickly pulled out the tubing and dropped it to the floor. She came out pretty quickly and laid there lifeless. Must have stunned her since she doesn't have a mark on her and is swimming normally.

I have seen plactic netting covering overflows. What is it and where do I get it?