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Ok guys, moving in end of November and need to sell extra equiptment.

I have a hang on fuge. Selling $25. I have 2 internal, external 1200 gph pumps that were never used. $40 each. I will have the coralife super skimmer 220 with pump for $50. I have a coralife dual 175 ballast from after I upgraded to the 250w. Make a price. Also the coralife flour ballast for dual reg flour lighting. Make a price. I also like to sell my larger colonies so to consolidate the transfer of my coral. And so some live in case its a disaster. I have a 3" plus green slimer for $40. I have a green pocci 3" wide and about 3" high $40. (this is the one that multiplyys by spreading pocci spores everywhere, so beware). I have many babys of this. A brown with mauve tips unknown. Its sparcely branched but the branches are 4-5" long. $30. A pink with blue tipped unknown about 3" wide by 3" high for $40. If anyone wants pics, let me know.