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New salt/ozone

Okay i am really confused. I have been using tropic marin reef pro for over a year. A local vendor named offered me salt he sells for free to try it. He wants to be a sponsor of our local club. Its a 2 part organice salt that you add the calicium after the sat is mixed. My PH is much higher and all levels are great as promised. I have about 150 total water volume. I did a 25 gallon water change weekly. When I do this my ORP drops from 400 to about 325 and takes about 48 hours to reach 400. When I used the new salt my orp was back to 400 within an hour. I was in shock.

Is this normal? Why did it happen? My RO/DI water was no different. My ORP was low at about 375 right after I did the change and just went back to 400 within the hour. I am in shock.
my calcium is 400 and DKH 9.5 the same as before the water change. my PH was 8.0 before and was 8.15 after. I do not check magnesium. Should I keep using this salt? I have a 95% sps system

I hope this makes scenes to you.

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