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HD and LOWES carry it. It is called "SDR-21" not schedule 20. SDR is a method of pipe sizing where the wall thickness has a direct relation (a ratio) to the pipe diameter. Schedule 40 and 80 pipe have a fixed wall thickness, no matter what the pipe diameter.
There are other SDR types as well. SDR-13.5, SDR-21, SDR-26, SDR-35, SDR-41, etc.

Somebody mentioned "low pressure". Even "thin wall" pvc such as the SDR-21 pipe has a working pressure of 200 or so PSI. SD-41 is 100 PSI. You do not have any equipment that will come near to producing pressure like that. ANY SDR pipe is more than hefty enough to handle you tank system pressures. Heck wimpy vinyl tubing can handle the pressures and it is only rated at maybe 20 PSI.