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dsn is right. The type at your supermarket is unpowdered, as a rule. Just swipe your finger across the inside: if powder is on your finger, you have powdered gloves: use em in the kitchen. The powder is perfectly easy to detect. It's added as a way to make the gloves faster to go on, and actually makes them more expensive.

The kitchen yellow ones are too clumsy for the tank. Go for the examination gloves.

You'll find 10,000 uses for those examination gloves: got a hot date, need to mess with the car, don't want to smell like gasoline? Bingo!
Got to clean up after the pet?
Got to clean up the pet?
Got to use some cleaner guaranteed to take calluses off a warthog?
Got 'em. They're chemically inert, throwaway and a real nice thing: we keep a jar full of 'em in the kitchen.

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