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yay more lumber! i got a sheet of 3/4" birch ply, and some 1x2's to trim it out. i learned from the last lumber run that using 100' of climbing rope to tie down a few pieces of wood is a pain in the neck, so i bought some wratcheting tie down straps. i dont like the wood i bought for the trim, and i wish i would have bought something else. i need to be able to mitre the edges of the trim boards, buti dont have a table saw, so what i have in mind as far as installing trim goes, is not going to look all that great. as a matter of fact ide go as far as to say that it will look like crap! thats ok because trip can always be ripped off and replaced. i just dont want to see a raw plywood edge. one thing im struggling with is a door. im not a cabinet builder,and i dont know how to make a door. i have an idea of which i will use, but its going to be pretty hoaky as far as fine cabinetry is concerned.


and this is the foam for the tanks to rest on