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thanks chevegan, im glad you like it!

melev, poplar over pine? to be honest with you i have no idea the difference between one wood and another! i have no idea what thoes trim pieces i bought are? they arent actually for trim tho, i know that. the only reason i know that the ply i bought is birch is because thats what the tag said at home depot. i was actually just looking for the cheapest piece of finished ply. i have seen that stuff your talking about tho, the veneer. i thought about it, but ive never used it before. i wanna stay in the area that im framiliar with here.
i added my trim pieces today, and will fill inbetween the trim with ply to flush up with the trim. (different right?)... another thing im changing is instead of putting the tank on foam, im gonna put it on granite. ill have some pics here after dinner...