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the tape measure shows the 3/4" overhang off the face of the framing. the plywood panels will be cut to a dimention 1/8" less than the opening in the trim. that way the panels can rest inside the opening with a 1/16" gap all the way around. since the trim boards have the 3/4" reaveal past the framing, the 3/4" plywood panel faces should flush up to the trim board faces. the entire front panel will be a door, and the left side panel will be a ddoor. the right side panel will be secure, and i dont know if i want there to be a back panel or not? ill probably end up putting a piece of 1/8" luan to cover the back, and then ill probably cover the interior walls with some 1/2" thick foamboard for sound proof insulation. we'll see what happens with that. this is staring to cost more than had budgeted for. the bottom interior will be plywood covered with foam. and i will caulk and paint the entire interior of the stand. the top of the stand will be a granite insert that sits inside the trim boards. the granite will be 3cm (1 1/4" thick) and will stick out above the trim by 3/4". not quite sure what color granite or stain i will be using yet?