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yeah, mounting magnets wont be a problem, i think ill end up going that route. dont they make child proof door locks like what you described on mikes tank melev? its like a little latch on the inside of the cabinet, and to release the latch you hold a magnet to the outside of the door... we'll see???

well i think i have my plumbing figured out? i have a sketch that ill post, but first i gotta let my camera batterie charge. my scanner is on the other computer, and i dont like using that one. its very simple, but has one aspect that i hate! since both of my return lines come through the bottom of the tank, ill have to rely on a check valve to keep the sump from flooding in the event of a power outage... but im already dead set on where i want my returns. in the end im sure it will be fine, but the idea is just soo dependant on the check valve. give me a minute here and ill post that pic with a semi-detailed description