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im guessing these are the omni flex nozzels?
these are expensive! too bad they dont make then in 3/4" tho, or do they?
im wanting to buy all sorts of stuff before i put anythnig in the tank, and if it turns out the way my 75 has, ill never get the tank running. ive been buying parts and pieces for this tank for like 2+ years, and still dont have all the parts i want to start running it. and alot of what i want is things like pinpoint meters and stuff. im kinda stubbourn and probably wont start anythnig till i have every thing! ilove the salifert test kits, but thier so dangtime consuming. i know that if i start this thing with out all the things i want to make my life easier, ill get lazy and fall behind. but all the stuff i want is so expensive. i need to find a new hobby... i think im going to take up sleeping.