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yeah, chico's not too bad. the further north you go, the better off you are in terms of living in cali. chico is beutifull too, like all of nor*cal. where i live now reminds me of sonoma co. ca.
and dont be fooled by my mediocre wood working skills, i am no expert. the stand ended up the way it is, purley by accident! the framing i had a plan for, but the trim and finish work was a mistake that worked... when i first thought of doing the trim like that i said "nah, thats not right. i shouldnt do it like that." but then i thought about it and decided that if i did it that way, it would be slightly less bulkey than if i had made a box with raised corner caps. and im only talking like 3/4" less bulkey, but it worked? i just wish i would have been able to afford nice wood that all matched up. you can see pretty clearly in the pics that the ply panels, and the trim boards are two different materials. now when i stain it, its more than likely going to be very noticable.
another thing i dont like about the stand is that its so overbuilt for that tank! i literally built the stand to accomodate a standard 10g tank, and figured that the tank would just fit anywhere on top? at this point im a little dissapointed, and am considering calling kingfish and having them make me a custom acrylic tank 27 1/2"x21 1/4"x24" (lxwxh) which is roughly 58g or somethnig? the stand will easily support it,and thoes dimentions will fit perfectly in the trim work on top. but then ide have to mess with new lighting and all that. maybe a little later?
glad to hear your looking at my stand for ideas, good luck to you boviac...