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well i ran a few flow tests using that SCWD. im dis-satisfied with the results.
i tested using all 3/4" plumbing, the scwd, and a mag7.
i hooked the mag7 to about 2' or 3' of tube attached the SCWD, then attached 1' of tube off of each outlet, into 2 ball valves that were connected to about 2' of rigid pipe each. the outlet was simply the end of the rigid pipe. i figure thats going to be close to the ristrictions i will be using, minus the check valve... the test was at 0' of head.
well the flow sucked! there is no way im going to be able to split the return of the SCWD into 2 outlets like i had planned. im not buying a! new pump..... im hoping that somethnig will change after the actuall set up is in place, but if it does change, it wont be much, im sure.
it turns out that whats going on in my head is a little off of reality but not alot. thats ok right?